Monday, August 17, 2009

Earn Money From Ziddu

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There is a lot of business we can join on internet, some of them like Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay To Review (PTR) program. The bad news is, you must have a high traffic web and of course you have to invest a lot of time in it. But not all internet business if difficult to run by us, there is one thing I want to share about Earning Money From Ziddu on internet.

No essential to produce an expert in programming, no itch to have a high traffic web surpassingly. It is thanks to untroublesome through it was, we trustworthy upload a file and we earn money from each downloaded. We can upload individual we want, than share you download link to your friends, neighbors, family and anybody who exigency it. It is avowed thanks to ziddu, if you quite understand it, than I foresee you recognize what to produce shelter it. But if not, sublet me introduce to you about it. Equitable result these steps carefully.

1. Cardinal at all, you must have an account. Click here and originate your own balance.
Why ziddu, charter catch a review.
- All gratis accounts! No Premium accounts!!
- Accepts analogue downloads! no waiting!!
- Apart from download, you can opening / digital watch / listen online chip uploaded file not tell Ziddu!
- Invite, Synthesize and Share the refreshment and files cover your Friends.
- A plethora of photo management equipment analogous now ‘Photo Album’ and ‘Slide Show’ to share!
- Easy file management stow away complex folder ease.
- Free rein to devise Disc and Audio libraries to share!!
- First off users can browse & Mobilization in Knotty Languages offered.
- Longing your loved ones shroud characteristic Greetings!!
2. Cash payout $10. Before withdraw, you have to locality up you PayPal tally on it.
3. These days you can upload you file, photo, mp3, mp4, or goods you want to share curtain anyone on internet.
4. Click the upload button and browse your concatenation, succeeding that click upload button. A live on stumbling block bequeath crop up, you must wait until it reaches 100 %.
5. When the never cease hindrance reaches 100 %, a download link will issue. This is the link you have to share mask. Or you can funnel email to your friends using the box yell the link.

If you have no concept, what file you must share. Consequently confess me bestow you some tips. You can constitute a blog that containing a index of freeware program; you can search for it on google. Re - upload it in ziddu, and thence pass out a backlink to the programmer site or blog. I judge they will exhibit big league full, because we utility them push there program and site, in the other side we got paidb from ziddu. It is a sweep bombshell solution isn’t it?



Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Rdewia, how was your weekend?
I came here to drop EC. :) said...

hi visited your blog great and nice work

Workplace On The Web said...

This is new to me. Interesting. Might try it.


mengembalikan jati diri bangsa said...

so interesting, how much will ziddu give its member... kekeke

abang said...

Nice Blog and nice Post ...
Kunjungan balik, met berkarya terus
Keep Blogging ..!!!

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