Friday, August 12, 2011

The New Telenovela 2011 Amorcito Corazón Capitulo 1

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The New Telenovela 2011 Amorcito Corazón. Amorcito Corazón  is the new soap opera family from Lucero Suarez and you can not miss the Amorcito Corazón capitulo 1 on next August 22 at 18:00 hours by the Canal de las Estrellas.

The New Telenovela 2011 Amorcito Corazón is melodrama and tells the story of Isabel (Elizabeth Alvarez), an architect who has marked his love for the destination event that happened in his party when he turned 18, in which hidden from his father, Don Leopoldo strict moral, decides to love with her boyfriend in a secluded corner Ruben, but told with bad luck and it was rammed by a bull miserable for life.

In the event, almost a tragedy, truth comes to light, because the mother of Reuben, maddened by what happened to his son, Leopold reveals that you love Elizabeth Wilhelmina and curse him that it happened your child will never know what is the love of a man.

Damn that will accompany you for life? until they cross paths with Fernando (Diego Olivera), a young and successful businessman owner of a construction company and brother of her friend Lucia (Africa Zavala), with him, love will touch your heart, and despite fears for the curse in his life, will refuse to accept this new opportunity, but is it so hard not to fall into the trap of love?

On the other hand, is Zoe (Grettell Valdez), seemingly happily married to Alvaro (Pietro Vanucci), is the wife and perfect housewife discovers her husband in the shower of your own home with a male lover. At this time, Zoe, in revenge or the need to assess their feminine being outraged, decides to seduce a man as he puts in front.

And finally, there is Lucy (Africa Zavala), a novice at heart, fresh from the latest recall you achieve the vows and devoted to God, known earthly love when you encounter Willy (Daniel Arenas), who struggles with all its strength so that she recognizes the woman in him, matter becomes even more complicated than it already is, when she discovers that Willy makes his living with a trade rather unclean: the gigolo.

Heart sweetie has the starring role of Diego Fernando Olivera and Isabel Alvarez and Elizabeth, accompanied by a great cast: Marian Karr, Pamela, Patricia Martinez, Daniel Arenas, Alejandro Ibarra, Ricardo Margaleff, Silvia Mariscal, Ricardo Fastlich Diego Amozurrutia, Polo Monarrez, Fabiola Campomanes, Alfonso Iturralde, Rosita Pelayo and Ruben Cerda, among other great actors. Do not miss the big premiere of The New Telenovela 2011 Amorcito Corazón Capitulo 1 on 22 August at 18:00 hours by the Canal de las Estrellas.



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