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Advantages of Online Forex Trading:

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Small Capital Laverage
With the system margin allows the investor to do in large volume with a relatively small capital.

Two Ways Opportunity
Transactions can be done with two-way, buying or selling based on the first input or crush akan turun naik (Trends). Suppose that when you take a position to buy (Buy) and found that the price movement of currencies tesebut trend shows a significant increase, then you can take advantage of the difference between purchase price is close to the position with you buy sell (Take Profit), as well as vice versa, when you take a position selling (Sell) first and then the price movement of the currency experienced a decrease trend, then you can also take advantage of the position you are selling (Take Profit). Diharga BUY low, SELL diharga = high profit or high diharga JUAL, BELI diharga low profit =

High Liquidity
Planted when the capital - can be easily re-melted, many methods of funds and additional funds depending on the company's forex.

Flexible and no necessary Constribution Time Management
24 hours a day starting from Monday until jumat, anywhere, anytime you can make the transaction as long as you connect to the Internet. Investment is not much time for management compared with other businesses.

* 04.30 WIB: New Zealant Exchange
* 05.30 WIB: Sydney Stock Exchange
* 07.00 WIB: Tokyo Stock Exchange (Open Market)
* 08.45 WIB: Hong Kong Stock Exchange
* 09.00 WIB: Singapore Stock Exchange
* 09.30 WIB: Jakarta Stock Exchange
* 14:30 WIB: European Exchange and the London Exchange
* 19:30 WIB: New York Stock Exchange
* 04.00 WIB: New York Stock Exchange (Market Close)

No Man Power Cost and No Taxation
No need to labor costs. Trade this berlansung between global center - the center of the world's financial involvement with the bank - the main bank as the main executor of this transaction. This business grew rapidly in such a period of late with tikat pertubuhan about 30 percent pertahunya. Currency trading is one of the business of trading volume rotation and orbit the money world and the largest at this time amounted to approximately USD 1.5 trillion every day. The large volume change is a market of perfect competition because none of the participants in this trade have a function as determines the price.

ABOUT + + + + + + Marketiva
The following discussion of all you need to know from Marketiva:

What is Marketiva?
Marketiva is a broker international, professional and legal in Switzerland, this company has been granted permission to the international no. IBC CAP.291 REG.NO. 646819. Marketiva is a website that provides tools to play on Forex Real, the real is all that you do follow the same procedure with which the Exchange Forex indeed use the data and data-movement of currencies in real-time changes that keep each second.
What are the advantages using Marketiva?
Marketiva With the Forex, you can play wherever you are, as long as there is a computer and internet connection, whether at home, in the office, in transit, or in the cafe. Besides, you do not need to deal with the Broker as well as anyone in the transaction, you are free to use your own money and do their own transactions without the intervention of any party and without having to pay the fee or fees to anyone. You are free to determine the benefits that you want free and stop the transaction is running whenever you want. So that the risk of loss can be reduced may be minimal.

Excellence Marketiva

1. Opening Account Free, Register here.
2. Get $ 5 Free.
3. Only with $ 1 could have bertrading.
4. Security is good enough.
5. Bertrading to get the software in real time.
6. Available in support wither / indonesia.

How much capital I need to start this online forex trading?
Unlike the financial company that, in general, requires a minimum of U.S. $ 2500 for the establishment of the regular account and U.S. $ 250 for a mini account, in Marketiva, you only need money as much as $ 1US to start online forex trading, commission free, free exchange, no overnight interest rate (0% overnight interest), the lower the spread (3 pips), the latest news, alerts and trading signal for free, live chat support 24 hours nonstop, and you even get a capital 5US $ for free when you register the first time. In other words, to start trading in Marketiva forex online is free!

How do transactions?
There are 3 methods of transactions that can be used in Marketiva, namely using Wire Transfer, E-bullion, WebMoney, Liberty Reserve, E-Dinar.

What about security?
Marketiva apply rules 1 account per person, if the system detected a 2 Marketiva a different account, but owned by the same person, then Marketiva has the right to cancel one or both of these accounts. If there are family members, relatives or friends who want to join by using the same computer, they can create a new account, uploading a photo ID & address and to confirm our support staff personnel (the menu on the live chat support software Streamster ™). Marketiva is committed to helping the government in the fight against all forms of money laundering practices (laundring money) and all business crime through the internet (cyber crime) other. All new accounts must register address & photo ID and obtain confirmation that the legal documents submitted before it can begin online trading.

If you still want to try, can open a demo account first?
Marketiva platform offers 2 kinds of options desk on 1 account, the Live Virtual Trading and Trading. At the time of sign-up, you get U.S. $ 10,000 virtual cash and U.S. $ 5 real money. So with only 1 account, you can learn (try-try) first trading using virtual money on the Virtual Trading desk.

When and where it can do trading?
Because online, then you can log-in to your Marketiva account at any time and any place of trading across the world have access to the internet. Time trading started on Monday to Saturday 04.00AM to 04.00AM (GMT +7) - you can do trading at that time for 24 hours nonstop.

What currency is sold only?
There are 12 kinds of currency pairs that are, namely: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, USD / CAD, AUD / USD, NZD / USD, EUR / JPY, EUR / GBP, EUR / CHF, GBP / JPY, EUR / CAD. There is a possibility in the future this number may increase.
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