Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to make blog

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Blog a new lifestyle in the digital world that is widespread in many circles, with the goal of each person create a blog for personal interests, and commercial organizations. To exchange ideas, opinions and suggestions that one of the goals of making the blog. But some people still do not know about and how to create the blog for free?

the first step that you must have is an email address. If you do not already have an email address, please follow the guidelines below.

The author suggests creating email in gmail (google mail) as a service to the blogger blog, which provides services free of charge.

Creating Gmail Email Guide

1. Incoming address

2. Then click the "Create Account"

3. Then after that will show the form-the form that you need to fill properly and in accordance with the data yourself.

4. After all filled and vertifikasi words are filled with the correct click the "I Accept. Create Account."

5. if all filled with the correct form address and click the button "I accept. .. Create" you have an email address so.

Now after we have an email address we can make the blog as follows:

Aside from the Gmail email we can register a blog with an email address that others such as Yahoo Mail, the Plaza and other

Okay we know how to create a blog from the beginning.

How to Make a Blog on Blogger

1. Incoming address

2. Then click the navigation button "Create Your Blog"

3. Then fill out the form to appear with the correct data according to your

Once filled with the correct mark the box "I accept ..." Then click the "Continue"

4. Then will appear the name of the configuration of your blog such as this, the content of the blog title and address of your blog

Once filled in click the "Continue"

5. After four steps to finish now you select a template. Select the template that you like and then click the "Continue"

6. And your blog is already so if you want to post please click the "Start Blogging"

Easy to create a blog? You can blog with more cool lho. Happy blogging! celebratecelebrate



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